Digital Marketing

Spring Means SALES

Spring is in the air, and that means BUSINESS! 

As the weather heats up, so does the home service industry. People are eager to do a little spring cleaning and sprucing up, and you want to take advantage of that enthusiasm to bring in new business. 

Now is a great time to create some special offers that attract new customers and bring loyal clients back for more. Here are 5 ideas for spring sales promotions:


Do You Need a Digital Marketing Partner?

How’s business lately?

If you’ve got projects lined up as far as the eye can see and a constant influx of new customers, that’s fantastic - keep doing what you’re doing!

But if your steady stream of leads has slowed to a trickle and you find yourself waiting for the phone to ring all too often, it’s time to talk about your marketing…


Why Local SEO Matters


Three letters that carry a LOT of weight. 

You’ve probably heard that SEO has the power to boost your visibility, improve your web traffic, and generate new leads. You might have even heard dire warnings that without a high SEO ranking, your business is doomed…

So, why does SEO -particularly local SEO- matter so much? 

Well, you’re a local business, right? And you want potential customers to know who you are, and what you do? Local SEO makes it happen. 


GMB is the Key to Improving Local SEO

When was the last time you Googled your business?  

It’s probably not something you do regularly. After all, you know your address, phone number, and business hours- but prospective customers don’t.  

If they search your keywords and the information they find via Google is incorrect or outdated, you’re losing business. 

Good local SEO strategy begins with your Google listing. The best way to connect with new customers and ensure that your profile is accurate is to create a Google My Business (GMB) account.  


6 Steps to Better Local SEO

Local SEO - you know you need it, and you know WHY you need it, but do you know how to make it better? 

Having a great website and a Google My Business (GMB) listing are a good place to start, but it’s not enough to get your business seen by a wide array of potential customers. 

You’ve got to know the inside tips and tricks to make the most of your local SEO, and here are 6 that will take your business to the top.