Email Marketing

Getting the Click

Email campaigns are the strongest relationship building tools in your marketing arsenal. You reach out regularly to send a personalized message to your target audience, and that tactic does not go unnoticed- if they actually open it…

That’s the biggest hurdle you’ll face in your email marketing efforts. 

It’s easy to deliver those little missives filled with high-quality content to every inbox, but it’s a little more challenging to create the email that stands out among hundreds AND compels your audience to click. 


10 Ways to Get More Action

You can use email marketing to do almost anything.

Email is great for boosting awareness of all the outstanding products or services your company provides or educating customers about your brand’s mission. 

You can use email to build lasting, loyal relationships with customers by providing helpful tips, special offers, or exclusive opportunities. 

But sometimes, you just want to get some action…


5 Ways to Advertise Your Home Service Business for FREE!!!

Remember the halcyon days of organic reach via social media?? All you had to do was set up your profile, post regularly, and watch your brand recognition spread far and wide. 

Alas, the algorithm killed organic reach, and a lot of growing home service businesses don’t have a ton to spend on paid advertising. 

So, where’s the happy medium?

Bad news first - you’re probably going to have to spend some money on paid advertising. It’s nearly impossible to get ahead without some effective online marketing. 


Resonetrics Makes Email Marketing Easy!

Email Marketing is incredibly effective - if you’ve got time to do it! 

Weekly newsletters increase your connection with your customers and help you build lasting, loyal relationships. They also provide an opportunity to shine a spotlight on your latest projects, introduce new services, and even offer specials or discounts. 

Newsletters are powerful missives that keep you in the forefront of your customers’ minds. When they’re ready to tackle a new project, they’ll call the contractor whose name appears in their inbox week after week!