10 Tips for Better Reviews

10 Tips for Better Reviews

Great customer reviews are the best tool for growing your home service business and attracting new leads but getting customers to actually write reviews can be challenging! 

We’ve taken the guesswork out of getting great reviews by compiling 10 smart strategies for getting those word-of-mouth recommendations: 

  1. Location, Location, Location

    You want your reviews to be the first thing potential customers see, so give them prime real estate on your homepage! You don’t have to post every review front and center, but you should definitely include your top 2-3. Create a dedicated review page on your website to house all those other accolades.

  2. Make it Easy

    Customers are far more likely to leave a review if the process is easy and convenient. Link your social media profiles and your Yelp or GMB listing in an easy-to-spot location on your homepage.

  3. Follow Up with Satisfied Customers

    When you know you’ve exceeded a customer’s expectations ask them to return the favor by leaving a review. Don’t wait too long to connect - customers are more likely to review recent purchases and services. 

  4. Ask Questions

    Some clients are hesitant to leave reviews because they simply don’t know where to start! A short review template that asks a few easy, open-ended question can be the perfect prompt to lead them in the right direction. 

  5. Say Thanks

    ALWAYS take the time to thank a customer for a great review. Your appreciation will go a long way towards building loyal, lasting relationships with your best customers. 

  6. Reach Out to Unhappy Customers

    Everyone gets a negative review once in a while. Don’t ignore it! Reach out to dissatisfied clients to see what went wrong and how you can fix it, then use this experience to make your business even better! 

  7. Pick a Winner

    Contests can be a great way to elicit reviews. Post a photo contest on your Facebook page asking users to submit photos of their finished projects and allow your followers to vote on the winner. Reward the winner with a discount, product, or gift card. 

  8. Reward Reviewers

    Go beyond a simple thank you and reward your reviewers with a discount code or a freebie on their next service call. 

  9. Boost Credibility

    Potential clients want verified reviews. Asking customers to post their name and picture with their review helps boost your credibility and promote trust. 

  10. Go the Extra Mile

    Doing great work is the first step to getting great reviews, but don’t stop with a job well done. Going the extra mile goes a long way with customers, so invite that curious kid to take a look at your tools. Bring the dog a bone, or just write a thank you note for trusting you with their home. That extra effort really sets you apart from your competition. 

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