5 Great Ideas for Your Next Video

Did you know that consumers watch over 500 MILLION minutes of video on YouTube EVERY SINGLE DAY??
Pretty amazing, right? 

With numbers like that, there’s no denying that video is taking over the internet- and if you haven’t added video to your marketing strategy, you’re falling behind. 

But here’s the good news - home service businesses were MADE for video! You have so much to share, and all you need is a smart phone and a topic to create epic video content. 

Here are 5 great ideas to get you started:


  1. How-To Video

    This one is almost too easy! You have awesome skills that are the envy of DIY-ers everywhere. When you share what you know in a short, simple how-to video you’re giving potential customers valuable information, establishing trust, and securing your status as an authority in your field. 
  2. Product Demonstration

    If you offer products as a part of your business line, video is the perfect format to showcase them and highlight their top features. 

    But you don’t have to sell products to demonstrate them. Go ahead and shoot a shout-out to your favorite tools. Tell your audience what they do and why you love them. It’s an authentic, engaging way to let customers get to know you and learn more about what you do. 
  3. Project Reveal

    Got a project you’re particularly proud of? Let your work shine in a video reveal! 

    You can include “before” shots, a description of the project, and then dazzle your audience with the big reveal of your latest masterpiece. 
  4. Behind the Scenes

    Your work probably seems fairly routine to you, but to an outsider, it’s fascinating.

    Shooting short daily clips of a project and editing them together to create a time-lapse glimpse of what goes on behind the scenes is a great way to invite audiences in and show off your incredible skills.
  5. Go Live

    Let’s be honest, there are some funny, scary, and downright unbelievable things that happen on a jobsite- and those things make GREAT video content! 

The next time you encounter something share-worthy, grab your phone and start recording. It can be anything from your client’s cute dog romping around to the snake you almost stepped on. You can even share the stuff that ruins your day. That latest shipment of custom windows arrived broken? Bad for business - great for content!