5 Tips to Build Your List

5 Tips to Build Your List

Every successful small business has it, and every growing business wants it…


That vitally important roster of email addresses for clients, past, present, and future that serves as the very foundation of all your email marketing efforts. 

Small businesses rely on email marketing campaigns for a lot of reasons- they’re easy, they’re effective, and they bring fantastic ROI. In fact, as of 2019, small business owners saw on average a $36 return for every dollar they spent on email marketing! (Hubspot, 2022)

Email marketing is your lifeline to your customers. It helps you attract new ones, retain current ones, and nurture the relationships that turn one-time customers into lifelong fans of your business! 

There’s no question that email is one of the smartest marketing strategies for small business, and we’re going to show you how to do it even better! We’ve got 5 great tips that make your emails more effective than ever! 

  1. Choose Smart Software

    Email marketing software is a MUST. It automates tasks that would take countless hours that you don’t have to spare! Email marketing software can capture email addresses, send auto responses, organize and segment your audience, and so much more. 

    Many systems even offer professionally designed templates that give your marketing materials and landing pages a high-end, customized look. 
  2. Keep Your List Growing

    Think of your list as a living thing. You want to keep adding to it and developing it so it can get bigger, stronger, and more effective at bringing in revenue for your business! 

    There are many strong options for adding new clients to your list, and many of them start with a freebie. You offer a guide, a how-to tutorial, checklist, or some other valuable piece of content in exchange for a potential client’s email address. 

    You can add links to your awesome freebies in your email signature and on your social media for maximum list-building power! 
  3. Segment Your Audience

    Your ideal clients can be found in all sorts of different demographics. Their ages, incomes, interests and preferences might vary wildly, so why would you send the same marketing message to everyone??
    Segmenting your audience into similar groups allows you to send a customized, personalized message to each audience. The more tailored the message is, the more likely your audience will respond favorably to it.
  4. Start with the Hook

    How many unread emails are currently in your inbox? Chances are, you skimmed right over them because their subject line didn’t catch your attention. 

    When it comes to email, you have one sentence to make a great impression. If you don’t immediately hook your audience with a strong, captivating subject line, there’s a good chance you’re going to find your email stuffed in the virtual trashcan with all the other boring missives. 
  5. Be Consistent

    You want to be a regular, welcome presence in your customer’s inbox, so it’s smart to create a consistent marketing schedule. 

    Do some research to determine the most effective days and times to send emails (times when your audience segment is most likely to be online) and schedule your emails accordingly. This consistency helps your audience know when to expect your next interesting and informative message!

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