Do You Need a Digital Marketing Partner?

Do You Need a Digital Marketing Partner?

How’s business lately?

If you’ve got projects lined up as far as the eye can see and a constant influx of new customers, that’s fantastic - keep doing what you’re doing!

But if your steady stream of leads has slowed to a trickle and you find yourself waiting for the phone to ring all too often, it’s time to talk about your marketing…

If you don’t have a solid marketing strategy that increases your visibility and helps you cast a wider net, you’re inevitably going to encounter some serious dry spells no matter how great you are at what you do. Here’s why:

  • Referrals Aren’t Enough

    Don’t get me wrong - referrals are incredibly important, and word of mouth advertising is essential in the home service industry, but you can’t rely on referrals alone. 

    When your entire marketing strategy rests on the shoulders of satisfied customers, your pool of potential clients gets awfully shallow… What if customers don’t pass your name along to their friends and neighbors? What if you can’t count on them to take time to write an awesome Yelp review? 

    You guessed it - you’re right back there waiting for the phone to ring. 

  • You’re Not Using Your Social Media

    Sure, in the early days of social media you were using it mainly to connect with old friends and maybe see how your high school sweetheart is looking these days. But times have changed, and social media is the #1 marketing tool for small businesses. 

    You probably have a Facebook page for your business, but if you’re not actively engaging with your audience on social media, that stagnant profile won’t do much for you. 

    Savvy social media marketers know that engagement is the key to success. You need to be active on the platforms your audience uses regularly (time to go beyond Facebook!), you need to have a wealth of valuable, compelling content, and you need to actively nurture relationships with followers to turn them into customers. 

  • Your SEO Sucks

    Search Engine Optimization (SEO) can be confusing for veteran marketing experts, so it’s no wonder so many small business owners struggle with SEO strategies. You’ve got to figure out the right keywords, and then the algorithm changes and you’ve got to find new keywords, and who has time for this madness?!

    I get it, but if you want more eyes on your business, SEO isn’t optional. Your SEO ranking is the biggest factor in your overall reach. When potential customers search for your services, they’re almost guaranteed to choose one of the first businesses that pops up in the search results. If your name’s not at the top of the list, you’re not going to get the call. 

So, what can you do?? 

Don’t worry, you don’t have to get a marketing degree to improve your efforts, but it’s probably time to find a digital marketing partner. 

A digital marketing partner is an offsite agency that functions as an in-house marketing team. They can cover your ad campaigns, generate captivating copy, boost your SEO, increase your engagement, and expand your reach so you can get back to doing the things you do best! 

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