How to Write a Compelling Ad

No matter what industry you’re in, you’ve got plenty of competition. So, how do you stand out from the crowd and make sure customers choose your brand?

It’s simple, really - you need a great ad. 

Compelling ad copy is the key to boosting your web traffic and increasing your landing page conversions, and these easy tips will help you write an ad that appeals to your customers and puts you miles ahead of your competitors. 


  • Know Your Audience
    Before you can write a compelling ad, you have to know who you’re writing to. Determine who your customer is, what they value, and what will get their attention. When you can think from the perspective of your customer, it becomes much easier to write an ad that they’ll relate to. 
  • Identify the Problem
    The foundation of any ad campaign is convincing potential customers that you can solve their problems and make their lives better. You have to prove yourself in your copy. Show them that you truly understand their problem and tell them how your brand will fix it. 
  • Start With a Compelling Headline
    Many business owners focus too much on filling their headlines with keywords instead of crafting an attention-getting headline that inspires their readers to click. Keywords are important, but you need to remember that users click on ads that offer solutions, not ones that are packed with keywords. 
  • Use Emotional Triggers to Encourage Action
    When you tap into your customers’ emotions, you vastly increase your chances of getting the all-important click. Use phrasing that inspires hope, trust, fear, anger- whatever you think will inspire your target audience to take action. 
  • FOMO Is Your Friend
    What’s FOMO? Fear of missing out, and it drives more conversions than you can count. The idea of scarcity or missing out compels people to act quickly. Take advantage of that by including limited time offers or discounts. 
  • Put Your Most Compelling Copy First
    This is one case where you DON’T want to save the best for last! Each platform has its own copy specifications and character limits. You don’t want your best stuff to get cut off, so make sure you put it front and center. 
  • Include Social Proof
    Obviously, you think your brand is great, but you’re biased. Customers want to see real social proof that other people love your brand, so include reviews, ratings, testimonials, and statistics whenever you can. 
  • Optimize for Mobile
    The vast majority of potential customers will be viewing your ad on a mobile device, so it’s imperative to optimize it. If you use video, make sure you include captions since most viewers watch without sound. 
  • Don’t Forget the CTA
    If you want your customers to take action, you have to tell them what action to take! Include a strong, clearly worded CTA in your ad that tells them exactly what to do. 

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