Where Should You Spend Your Marketing $$?

You need a marketing strategy that gives you the MOST bang for your buck.

You don’t have time or money to waste on ineffective advertising campaigns that don’t bring real results, so we’re taking the mystery out of marketing! 

There are countless advertising opportunities, and if we tried to cover them all, you’d never get back to the jobsite, so we’re going to cover 3 areas that usually bring the highest return on investment (ROI) for home service businesses. 

  • Google

    Google is the leader in paid advertising by a mile - especially for local businesses. When customers are looking for a home service provider, their first stop is usually Google, and you want your name to be number one in the search results! 

    There are multiple advertising opportunities within Google. Start with a (free!) Google My Business (GMB) listing, then consider adding a pay per click (PPC) ad that will appear at the top of the Google search results. 
  • Facebook

    Facebook is easily the best tool for building and nurturing relationships. It gives potential customers a chance to get to know you and your business and see your incredible work, but it’s also an advertising goldmine! 

    Hopefully, you already have an active Facebook page for your business (if not, do that IMMEDIATELY!) and while it’s great for staying connected to current customers, it’s hard to reach new ones without paid ads. 

    Luckily, Facebook makes it easy to reach new leads through a variety of PPC ad formats including banner ads and sponsored posts. 
  • Referrals

    Word of mouth is ALWAYS going to be the gold standard for advertising. Nothing convinces potential customers that you’re the right person for the job like a glowing review from a happy customer. 

    But you might have noticed that it can be tough to get customers to rate or review your business even when they’re thrilled with your work. Here’s where the $$ part comes in! 

    Incentives are incredibly effective at eliciting the accolades you need. Try offering discounts for future services for every referral or review. You can also send a small thank-you gift card for a local business to customers who leave a review or testimonial or respond to a feedback survey. 

If you want to make the most of your marketing budget, we can show you how! Visit https://resonetrics.com/services/paid-ads to learn more!